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So I started korean rice cooker cutting purchased suet blocks into narrow thirds. I only put a third into the bottom of the dangling cage at a time. It does mean that you need to re-fill the suet feeder more often.

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  • Some might think this is solely for the birds, but it keeps the food clean and dry as well.
  • Slip the bird feeder onto a lengthy wire and properly hang this in between two trees.
  • Its bright red color attracts inquisitive hummers, while multiple feeding ports will accommodate several birds at one time.
  • For starters, it’s basically designed in the shape of a wreath.
  • Suet cakes are blocks made from suet or a thick substitute mixed with other ingredients, such as corn meal, peanuts, fruits, or even dried insects.
  • Besides the material itself, some feeders come apart easily, making cleaning more accessible.
  • This is a feeder that works well on an open porch or deck.

The red top with 3 feeding ports will call to the hummingbirds to come give you a visit. Plus, it’s simple to clean and you can easily see when you are due for a refill. I wrote a review in the summer, but it does not appear here.

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However, after the second time, not only does it not come back, but it tells its buddies and the word seems to get out to ALL the squirrels that this not a good place to feed. We just purchased our second one and thought of buying two just to be sure we always have one. Because virtually all bully birds are larger than more desirable birds, you can adapt your feeders to accommodate only smaller species. Try enclosing the feeders with large-mesh hardware cloth or chicken wire with openings big enough to allow smaller birds to pass through (a 2-inch opening should do).

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Buying a feeder with a warranty also bodes well for a quality product. The only problem that I see in this bird feeder is being not squirrel proof. Squirrels freely climb on the feeder to steal some peanuts.

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Furthermore, these feeders offer a great opportunity to introduce children to the joys of nature. It can really help to develop an interest in the natural world whilst being easy accessible and safe for the birds and children. Depending on what type of small wild birds you want to see near your house, you can pick between feeders that are designed for peanuts, bird seeds, or fat balls. On top of that, some feeders can be filled with dried mealworms – an important source of protein for birds during the winter. To stop that issue in its tracks, there is no better solution than a rodent-proof bird feeder.

The jar itself doubles as the feeder and also a solid place for the hummingbirds to rest while feeding. We help bird lovers save time and money by Researching and finding best feeders for them. We also write regular blog post to clear all confusions.

If you have unwanted squirrels that regularly eat from your bird feeders, the Droll Yankees Big Top Feeder is designed to deter these pesky creatures. The hopper-style feeder comes with an oversized plastic dome that can be adjusted up or down, preventing squirrels from stealing seeds. Three suction cups hold this glass bird feeder onto your window, allowing you to easily watch birds visit.

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No matter how big or small your outdoor space, you can create a haven for local wildlife. By providing basic needs like water, food and shelter, you can make a difference in your own backyard. Choose a feeder with drainage holes, and add a plastic dome to keep seed dry. Small feeders empty quickly, leaving less time for seeds to get wet or spoiled. Plastic, steel, or glass feeders are easier to clean than are feeders with porous surfaces, such as wood or clay. Many birds will feed at more than one level, but some species have preferences.

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