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The beaches in Sifnos are not the best in the Cyclades, that honor would go to Ios in my opinion, but there is a solid selection. In Artemonas, I had dinner one night at a more upscale place. This restaurant was more “modern” but still stayed true to the local flavors.

Albania Private bus operators offer direct connections to Albanian cities from Theodore Dilligianis Street near Metaxurgio Metro Station. Bus Companies like EuroStar and Interlines offer direct overnight connections to the main Albanian cities of Tiranë, Gjirokastër, Berat, Shkodër, Saranda, Himare, & Korça. A one way ticket to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Gjirokastër is 25 Euro and takes roughly 8 hours, departing Athens at 8pm and arriving in Gjirokastër at 4am. Paros & Naxos are also popular destinations and you can visit them by doing island hopping, on the way to Santorini. Filopappou Hill – Filopappou Hill offers amazing views of the city but it’s better to visit the hill and the surrounding area during the day as there have been reports of armed robberies on the hill at night.

  • One of the best times to visit Greece, May is a good month to travel if you’re looking to experience both the cities and the islands.
  • The ferry ride to Samothraki takes less than two hours and you will get to Kamariotissa port.
  • While it’s always advisable to dress modesty in a new country, you don’t have to worry about this too much on the islands.
  • Chase thrills in this charming beach town with some water-skiing or parasailing on the Aegean Sea.
  • If we stay in Paros, my concern was it seemed a little less likely that we could get a compact experience, where we stay in a nice hotel (e.g. lily residence or astir of Paros), but still we walkable to town or water.

They also have a trampoline which was in use every minute of the day by the children staying at the hotel. Parents were able to relax on the beach or in the cafe-taverna while the kids endlessly jumped. Another decent place to stay in Lesvos if you have kids is Molyvos just because so many people who have kids stay there. The beach nearest the town is a little rocky but gets more sandy as you walk further away. But in terms of having a very nice sheltered bay with a sandy beach that is shallow and safe for very young children I think the town beach in Sigri is the best choice.

Greece Itinerary 2:ancient Civilisations & Beautiful Islands

Following liberation and the Allied victory over the Axis, Greece annexed the Dodecanese Islands from Italy and regained Western Thrace from Bulgaria. The country almost immediately descended into a bloody civil war between communist forces and the anti-communist Greek government, which lasted until 1949 with the latter’s victory. The conflict, considered one of the earliest struggles of the Cold War, resulted in further economic devastation, mass population displacement and severe political polarisation for the next thirty years. The Nazis proceeded to administer Athens and Thessaloniki, while other regions of the country were given to Nazi Germany’s partners, Fascist Italy and Bulgaria.

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A former foreign minister, Papandreou immediately faced a public financial crisis that caused fear that the country might default on its debt. Indeed, the government acknowledged that Greece’s deficit had risen to 12.7% of GDP, much higher than ????? ?????? ??????? ??????? ????? ?? ?????? the 3.7% reported by the previous administration. The situation prompted Papandreou, whose father and grandfather also served as prime ministers, to make deep spending cuts, crack down on tax evasion, and increase fuel prices. You can drive in and out of strange towns fairly smoothly by following a few basic signs. Most European towns have signs directing you to the „old town“ or the center (such as centrum, centro, centar, centre-ville, Zentrum, Stadtmitte).

Greek trains are slow and generally not very clean, and they don’t cover the whole country. That said, they are cheap and connect Athens to the major Greek cities including Thessaloniki, Patras and Volos. For getting around mainland Greece and Athens, you’ll find an extensive and efficient network of buses. In general, they are clean, comfortable and reasonably priced. Information on schedules and routes is available at local tourist information centers everywhere you go.

Click on „Hotels“ to search for hotel accommodation in Greece – mainland and Greekislands. “Llanfynydd” is a village in Wales whose name you might be able to pronounce if you’re actually from there. Try your luck pronouncing the most difficult to pronounce town in every state. Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, the 14th largest city in the European Union, and the historical capital of what was once the country of Bohemia. The Wuzhen Water Town of the Zhejiang Province in China is dubbed “The Venice of China” because of its graceful water town scenery.

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The biggest difference is that Crete is a short daily ferry ride from Santorini and Rhodes is a long 2/weekly ferry ride from Santorini. Then fly home from either Heraklion or Chania airports – hopefully without having to fly via Athens. We have set our hearts on Athens to Hydra for 2 days then Spetses for 2 days then back to Athens for our flight home.

An easy mistake to make if you are going from one Greek island to another is to assume that it is only going to be a short trip by boat. The reality is that the hundreds of inhabited islands are actually spread over a vast area. Some islands have a much stronger tourist culture than others, so this can dictate how many people you are likely to encounter that speak English.

All Greeks were united, however, in their determination to liberate the Hellenic lands under Ottoman rule. Especially in Crete, a prolonged revolt in 1866–1869 had raised nationalist fervour. When war broke out between Russia and the Ottomans in 1877, Greek popular sentiment rallied to Russia’s side, but Greece was too poor and too concerned about British intervention, to officially enter the war. Nevertheless, in 1881, Thessaly and small parts of Epirus were ceded to Greece as part of the Treaty of Berlin, while frustrating Greek hopes of receiving Crete. Government documents and newspapers were consequently published in Katharevousa Greek, a form which few ordinary Greeks could read. This issue would continue to plague Greek politics until the 1970s.

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